Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Every Journey Has Road Blocks"

Hi Friends,

Ok so here is the deal. If I got on here every time and told you the good news you would get sick of hearing from me pretty quickly. The deal is 90% of my journey is good news and great things! However, every journey has road blocks and this week I ran into two.

First road block was the weekend! I am not gonna lie, I am gonna be straight up honest with all of you. I ate bad foods! It was disgusting. I was disgusted at myself and disappointed in myself. However, there is a light in all of this. I did not eat them because I craved them or because I had to have them...NO I ate them because I was living my life and sometimes in my life there is going to be a weekend where I go to a BBQ and then go to a party where all they have is pizza and I don't plan for that. It happens that is why it's called life! I will be okay I just have to work it off at the gym, not get down on myself and know that nothing can stop me ... I mean look how far I have come.

Second road block. I know I am ashamed to say it ... A guy!!! Wait read on and see how I handled it...you will be stunned!! Ok so let me protect this guy a little bit and give him a fake name, we will call him "Joe." "Joe" is a guy that I met. He asked me out and I thought it was a date (as did everyone else I spoke to about it). Then there was a second request, which was canceled. Anyway, during this whole process I realized that "Joe" was not dating me he was just going out with me to be friends, which was fine. However, the way that he was portraying and acting prior to all of this was VERY misleading!!! He hurt me. I spent a week or two getting past this and realizing this was NOT about me!!! Okay so here is the road block... then he asked me out again!!!!! Hello is that a test from God or what!??!?! I told him to call later so I could check my schedule. The truth is he took me so off guard that I did not know what to say. I know that if he calls I will have to tell him no. He is not good for me in the relationship sense. We can be friends but nothing else.

Getting past these road blocks that God presents us with are difficult, but it is what makes us stronger and people and more prepared for relationships further down the road.


  1. have i mentioned that i adore you?! Make this week a healthy one ; )

  2. lauren your doing great proud of you!!

  3. I think we all had a bad week last month...we need to shake it off and go on from there. As far as the guy...is he a "Godly Man"? (that is what I ask my girls? if he is Godly and cute then just see what happens...dont limit it. If he is not Godly..run away God has something so much better for you...Kathleen

  4. Kathleens right alot of us had a bad eating habbits last month. Men Shmen - that's right get a man who is right for you. Keep it going!

  5. Love your transparency, honesty Lauren. And our friends are asking you the right questions. Blessings sweet girl!