Friday, April 15, 2011

Trying new things!

Okay so this has been a very stressful week...even though I am on spring break! For years I have been wanting to try yoga, but to be honest the people who do yoga seem so intense and serious about it I was afraid of embarrassing myself. Then God blessed me with a friend named Tiffany Wilson. I took her yoga class on Tuesday and it was AMAZING!! She is so wonderful! She has such a gift for teaching yoga. I was not even scared to go into the class. She was kind enough to meet me before the class, walk with me into the class and get me all set up. She was motivating and encouraging and REALLY KNEW HER STUFF! I am so excited that I now feel that I can go into a yoga class and do it on my own...Although I would prefer to continue to take her class...she makes it fun! Tiffany really gave me a lot of courage for a new activity that will help me with my stress and anxiety!


  1. Yeah! you are trying new things...so proud of you! You are growning more confident and more beautiful every day!

  2. You ARE trying new things! Good for you sweet Lauren.