Monday, March 7, 2011

being ready and then BEING READY!

Fawn wrote to all of us bloggers today and thanked us for all that we have been doing. She also reminded us of what we should be doing on our journey. She reminded us that "with God anything is possible." It is very true because without God's grace and presents and love all of THIS would never have been possible.

Prior to starting the journey there were so many things that I swore I was ready for. I could list them off without any hesitation. However, now that I can sit here and say I am 32 pounds into this, a whole lot different mentally, emotionally, and physically I can tell you that had those things happened there is no way I would have been ready for them!!! Not a chance!!! I needed to grow and do some searching. I'm not done growing (no one ever is), but I do feel like I am ready for anything God wants to give me. I have grown so much in fact that I can sit here and tell you that even if He doesn't want to give me some of the things I want the most then I will be okay because it is what He is giving me. Which leads me back to "with God anything is possible." It is that quote that keeps me warm at night and it is that quote that reminds me that it is not just myself, and not just Fawn that have gotten me to this point in the journey. God has made this possible and God knows my heart and sees the deepest parts of it and I have every confidence that He will make every dream come true in it's own time. I feel like great things are just around the corner and now I can say I am READY.