Saturday, July 30, 2011

Obedience to God

Obedience to God is an interesting thought. I think for most of us we assume that if we go to church we are being obedient, if we read the bible we are being obedient, if we pray we are being obedient. I am pretty certain that we do not think that if we eat right then we are being obedient.

I had a realization last night and that was that eating right and healthy is being obedient to God. Here is the deal. I have an addition to food and when you have an addiction to food it can consume your life. Anytime I allow something to consume my life that isn't God I am not being obedient. Therefore, in my life obedience to God means eating healthy.


  1. I agree! We cannot properly serve anyone or anything, including God, if we are unable to properly take care of ourselves. Eating healthily is a key piece in taking care of ourselves.

  2. Lauren,
    How are you doing on your journey? Please update soon. I miss reading about how you are doing; you truly are an inspiration to many of us. I hope all is going well and look forward to reading an update soon.