Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay so here is the deal...I woke up this morning with a yuk throat and a stuffy nose. That is bad news especially because I have a crazy busy weekend and for the next TWO WEEKS I have parent conferences, so it is not like there is time to take off or get sick!!!! So, I did not go to the gym tonight, which is technically fine because I am allowed to have one day off. However, because I can be a little crazy and my weigh in is tomorrow I am of course worried that not working out tonight is going to affect what my weight is tomorrow. I know I'm nuts, but I am working on it!

Everyone just cross your fingers that the weigh in goes well...as of last week I was only 3 pounds away from my first goal! I hope tomorrow I am just that much closer!!!!

P.S. also prey that this cold or whatever it is goes away!


  1. just press forward luv! I think I got whatever you have! Eek!

  2. Good Job...only three pounds away from your first goal...that is the best...when you can see that you are going to make it and you succeed! Keep up the good work. I am praying for you

  3. Hope things are going well and you are getting healthier from the cold thing as well. You are doing so well!! Keep going girl!