Monday, February 21, 2011

How do I do this again!?

So there has been this whole I'm on a journey thing. I'm on a journey to better myself. I have been successful etc. etc. etc. However, now that I am confident and all I have been starting to date and flirt and enjoying myself, but how does it work... not the flirting and dating...that part I know how to do ;) I mean how do I make it work and still have the time to workout, eat right and take care of myself! I know what has to be number 1...of course it has to be God and then the journey, but it is still a little difficult. Living life and continuing to live life can be a little complicated when you throw dating and the journey into the mix.


  1. yup! that's why you focus on God, then you then the rest! Don't lose sight of what matters the most and it all will be great! : )

  2. Mr. Right will welcome your journey maybe even go for a walk as a date on near that beach you guys have - glad your getting out there!!!:) Carolyn

  3. What fun! Your life is becoming fuller and richer. God will help you to naviagate all of this.