Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why am I doing this again?

In the day to day grind that everyone goes through it is so easy to forget why we are on this journey...not just this journey of transformation, but this journey of life.

This past week has been one of ups and downs for me. I had a few too many 20% episodes and when I saw Fawn (like always I confessed). Fawn put be back on the straight path right where I needed to be. Fawn took me through an intense workout and I left her feeling GREAT I was back and ready to go. I was going to focus on my food and continue with my workouts like I had been doing.

The next morning I woke up for my morning jog/walk with my Dad. Half way through I fell and I fell hard! I scraped myself up pretty bad and I sprained my ankle. This was BAD news. This meant no workouts for a while and definitely no intense workouts for awhile.

This brings be to today. Fawn suggested I go back and look at my old videos to help me see how far I have come and to help remind me that it will not all be undone in a matter of a few days. While I was looking at the old videos I was reminded of why I am doing this. I took a pledge (given to me by Fawn) to focus on myself. The two most important things in this life right now are God (this will always be the case) and myself. I need to stop worrying about work, stop worrying about my class, stop worrying about whatever boy or what not and worry about my relationship with God and myself. I need to get back to that focus to where I was then. That is the healthiest thing for me right now.

Everything else just falls into place

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  1. It's always best to focus on God and yourself. That way we stay out of the stress which is more beneficial to our bodies. Thanks for the advice!!! I needed it this week more than you know! Thanks for blessing me.