Monday, January 10, 2011

First day back at work

Hi all!!

Well today was my first day back at work after 3 weeks. It was great to be on break, but it was difficult because my day was not as structured as usual. I thrive on structure. Anyway, today started my first day back to getting up at 5 am to workout eating very clean ALL day and it was just fantastic all together!

The one difficulty that I have been having is that I have been having some pushback from negative thoughts, which I don't like. I know that I will get through it, it is just a matter of prayer and time.


  1. Keep going girl! You can do it!! You got the determination and the Lord with you!

  2. Just got caught up with your last few posts. You are going to do this Lauren. It's in you. And God's Spirit lives within you as well to give you the strength to persevere.

  3. great job lauren you got this member your not alone =)