Monday, January 31, 2011

Let me start with a confession...

Okay so there is a lot that I want to share with you tonight, but first let me start with some confessions. I have been really awesome with my working out...I have even been running more and more! However, in the last three or so days I have been having a few too many 20% moments...not days but moments. I have to say though that the biggest thing about this though is that I don't feel like the world is ending. I know eating that way is not healthy, but I also know that I will not gain back ALL my weight in just those few little episodes, which is a HUGE improvement for me.

Now, onto the other stuff. Once again I was reading my Purpose Driven Life e-mail and I though this quote was perfect! "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." It is the perfect quote for the journey that we are all on. We cannot do this alone, we cannot even do this with just Fawn by our side! I mean she is great, but we need something more! We need a higher power. I know personally I have never been as successful as I am now and I attribute it to me putting all my heart, soul and faith into God. When He gives me strength I truly can move mountains! I can't wait to move my next mountain!


  1. love this Lauren!!! :) and LOVE you!

  2. This was GREAT Lauren. I'm glad you are finding such a wonderful balance in your life. God bless you real good girl!