Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Message coming in loud and clear!!!

Friends I just have to tell you everything I have read this week, everything I have listened to this week and every person I have talked to this week has given me the same message! I believe that this is a message from God himself and he is just saying "Lauren I am do tired of you not listening I am going to make it impossible for you to miss!".

The messages that have been so impossible for me to miss are: "focus on Me not on the problem at hand." In this case God is saying focus on Him and stop focusing on all the negatives about myself. I was made by him, he created me, every little part of me so I am doing Him a disservice by disliking parts of myself.

Message two: "I have a plan for you, Lauren. It is in the waiting that is the hardest and you will see the greatest gifts I have to give, but give Me time, I will provide for you. Here is the deal we don't like to wait for anything. However, this week I have really been hearing God telling me that it will be ok. I need to spend some time in this season by myself with Him. That means waiting. The hardest part is waiting and thats even worse then the "no" sometimes. When He is ready He will provide and change my season.


  1. So happy and proud of you. The waiting is hard to but I'm sure his plans are great and you will welcome them. Carolyn

  2. You're listening. Good for you. God bless you Lauren. You're a sweetie, and I know you are going to be successful!