Friday, January 7, 2011

Have I been working as hard as I could be?

This is my biggest question that I struggle with. I put my all in my job, I give my all to my family, friends and God, but have I been giving this journey my all and my best? The truth is I think in the beginning I was in this 110%, but I worry that now that I am under 200 I am backing off a bit. I am not doing it on purpose, but I am finding it a little more difficult to get back on the way I want to be. Please take this with a grain of salt because I am my
own worst critic!! What looks like perfection to the rest of the world I can find room for improvement.

Here is what I say tomorrow is a new day and it will prove to be a new start. I can't dwell on what wasn't perfect, I can only look and plan for tomorrow.

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