Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hi All!

Well tomorrow is the big day...the 7 year anniversary of my second brain surgery.  Yes, I always celebrate or acknowledge this day more then the day of my first brain surgery because in my mind once I got through this day it was all over.  At least that was what I thought.  That was what I thought as I laid there in that hospital bed.  I remember so vividly looking at everyone around me.  Seeing my parents and seeing that they looked scared.  Seeing my brother barley able to keep it together.  Even now as I look back on it and remember it it still feels like it was yesterday.  For just about everyone else in the world tomorrow will come and go just like any other day.  Many people will wake up either looking forward to the day or dreading the day.  Many people will see it as a simple Wednesday the "hump day" of the week, the half way point to the weekend.  

For me when I wake up tomorrow it will be different.  I might feel sad, I might feel happy, I might feel nothing at all.  That's the thing about this I won't really know until I get to the day.  One thing I do know for sure though is that tomorrow will be different.  Not because I will feel different necessarily, but because tomorrow will be the first time in seven years that I will know that I am taking an active role in changing what is happening to me.  Changing what is happening to my body, to my mind and to my spirit.  Seven years ago I really didn't have much of a choice it was either brain surgery or go blind now I have a choice and I've decided to take the path that is going to make me healthier.  However, that does not necessarily mean tomorrow will be easier.


  1. Beautiful Lauren, I am here for you....you are going to live a long, healthy, productive, prosperous life and I love you so much!!! I will personally see to iT!

  2. You are precious Lauren!! I love your heart. Something tells me you are going to do just fine :-)

  3. Wow, Lauren!! Congratulations on taking this HUGE, life altering step!! I am sorry that I didn't start following you on your journey sooner. But, I am here now, and quite intrigued!! I remember that day, 7 years ago...you were a strong woman then, and you are even stronger now!! Love & Light, ~Pam (& Beau, too!)