Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone! 

So today was Thanksgiving!  One of the best days of the year!  It starts the wonderful holiday season, but with that comes the dreaded food and the scary decisions that many of us for so long have either ignored or feared, it just depends what side of that you ended up on.  I went into this evening so sure that tonight was going to be different then every other Thanksgiving.  I had all the tools I needed.  I had the mindset that Fawn had set me out with, and the menu that Fawn and I had worked so hard on. 

Let me tell you how it turned out...I ate all day like Fawn told me to...the best way I knew how.  Then dinner came and I ate my portions, but I also ate a litter more then planned, but I am going to share because I am trying to live my life in the 80/20 style.  80% of the time I eat healthy, I eat the way that I know is right and 20% of the time I am allowed to have mistakes eat the things I know will not always be good for me.  However, in doing this and knowing that today was a 20% day I want to share with you.  Along with what Fawn and I had I also has a bread roll and little more pie then planned (instead of the half a piece I had a regular piece) and a few tastes of hard sauce (please don't even ask what that is made out of!). 

Now I know that does not sound like much, but for me in the past I would be like oh dumb me I messed up my diet!  I guess we are done now....let's finish the whole pie!  Well not quite, but you get the idea.  However, I had an EXCELLENT weight in today and a great workout.  I am focusing on that and trying not to think about the bad thoughts that like to creep into my head like "you ruined it" because I know I didn't I simply had a 20% day and tomorrow I will go back to my 80% days. 


  1. That's great Lauren! I totally bombed yesterday and now I have the stomach virus...so gross! SO glad you stuck with your plan.

  2. Lauren--I love your perspective on the day and the feasting. You're not beating yourself up. I hope your other friends who are journeying will take note. What a great example you are!