Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sometimes in life we have to do things that are just so difficult and so hard and we just have to hope that our bodies will fall into place and follow suit.  That is kind of what I am feeling today.  Getting up this morning was hard.  I did not want to, I wanted to sleep in, but I had agreed to meet Candi at the gym, so I got up and hoped my body would soon wake up.  Later I didn't want to eat the healthier option that was in front of me I wanted to eat the cake.  I didn't I ate the carrots instead.  Hoping that one day my mind will just skip over the cake. 

Sometimes we all have to do things that are hard and difficult, but they are better choices for us.  Candi said something really important to me this morning as we were working out he said "we didn't get this way over night, so we can't expect to fix it over night." He is right, but that does not help the fact that I would still like to wake up tomorrow morning and have it be done.  I know this may not be making much sense and it may sound like I'm rambling, but these are the thoughts I'm having today.  I really just want to send it out into the cosmic void that is the internet. 

Good night all!


  1. Oh Lauren I feel the same way-I wish when I woke up that time has past and the weight was just gone. Cande is right, didn't pack on is overnight! I am jealous that you get to work out with my buddy, but I am glad that you two can work together and motivate each other! I will see you in August maybe....

  2. Doing the right thing NO MATTER how you feel. You're showing true grit and determination. Excellent!

  3. Thankyou for the awakening to that. Heard that years before but not recently. Lets me put alot of things into reality.