Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Hard...What to do?

Okay so Fawn has asked me to cut my last snack in half.  Sounds simple right?  WRONG!!!  This is the greatest struggle for me right now.  I am still hungry after doing it!!!  I end up eating the whole snack because I am hungry and I don't want to let myself get too hungry because if I do I am afraid of what will happen...you know I might go off and eat something I shouldn't!!! 

There is another thing too...I am slightly irritated with the stupid stair stepper this evening.  I did my 30 minutes on it and I increased the intensity...a lot!!  I went from 55 to between 65 to 85!  I know can you believe that!!!!  I couldn't I was stunned!  Well catch this I barley broke a sweat.  Now when I exercise I like to feel the sweet it is like the reward for me, but tonight there was no sweet!!!!!  Super irritating. 

This is what I imagine Fawn's response will be:
"Drink more water."  I love you Fawn, but I am gonna float away!!!! 

I did have a cup of coffee this morning does anyone think it had something to do with that?!?!?!?!?

1 comment:

  1. Lauren, you are so stinken cute! ;) I just think sometimes you sweat and sometimes you don't! I know other people that don't! You barely break a sweat when I kick your butt : ) Don't worry about it! And if you are genuinely hungry eat the whole snack...if you aren't then don't : ) You are the one who thought you were eating too many calories ; ) just kidding love you Lauren! You are doing amazing!