Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today was GREAT!  I had a very productive day.  Since I knew I would be working out in the afternoon I did not want to waste the whole morning so I woke up, cleaned up, made some meals for the week, went grocery shopping and then went to see Fawn.  I worked out really hard today, which felt great!  I have been dealing with some inner issues about my future and things that have been on my mind lately and so the workout felt really good. 

Tonight was an interesting night for me.  I had baked a pie because my sister was and her boyfriend were coming over...that was not the difficult part.  The difficult part was serving it up to everyone.  I did not want a piece, I was not hungry for a piece but as I was serving it up I was like wow I could really go for a piece, but just because I was looking at it.  However, I stayed strong and knew that I was not hungry and did not have any.  However, I am REALLY REALLY  looking forward to my slice tomorrow!


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