Thursday, November 18, 2010


Okay so tomorrow is my big weigh in day.  I am fully aware that this is NOT A DIET AND THAT THIS IS A LIFE STYLE CHANGE...Fawn has only told me that everyday since we started.  However, every time in the past when I was on a diet I could tell when I was loosing weight (probably because I was starving myself to death), but now I can't tell if I have lost weight each week.  Of course over the long haul I can tell with the usual things...my face looks different and my clothes fit differently, but week to week I just cant tell.  I have to be honest it makes me a little nervous and excited to weigh in all at the same time.  Now, I know it is not all about the number, but still the number is a nice little reward to tell whether or not all that hard work is paying off. 

I will keep you posted tomorrow!


  1. Keep looking forward even if there is not weight loss. Kathleen went for a while without loosing weight. She did loose fat and gain muscle. Keep going - your doing great!

  2. Lauren, I have no doubt you will rock it out this week. There will be weeks when you feel like you can't tell, but others can! This is about changing your inside too, and numbers can lie-trust me! Over time, the little changes turn into BIG ones! Just sit back and think about the new you and when we (all of Fawn's kids in the journey) will get to meet. It will be great! btw it was great talking with you over the phone!