Friday, November 19, 2010


Okay so I lost 1 pound this week!!!!  Another one down! 

However, I am not going to lie and I will give this warning out...this post might tick some people off.  Now, I know I lost a pound, but since my other weigh ins had been so much more I was have to admit I was a little disappointed that this mornings number was not better then 1 pound.  So, I talked to Fawn this afternoon and explained my disappointment and she quickly snapped me back into shape.  I also have to tell you that reading some of you comments just now also did the trick.  They reminded me why I am on this journey.  I just have to keep telling myself this:

I am on this journey for myself and not for anyone else.  I am on this journey for my health and not for the number.  The number is simply a nice little reward.  I am on this journey to help myself and to take care of myself.  I have spent far too many of my years taking care of other people (AND I AM ONLY 26) I need to start taking care of me so that way I can have MANY more years to take care of other people.  I am on this journey to heal the hurts of the past and look forward to the excitement that God has planned for my future.  I am on this journey not just to loose weight, but to gain my self confidence back, which is coming back and I can already see it.  I can see with every extra smile I hand out, with every extra twinkle in my eye that I see and every time I rearrange my schedule so I can MAKE SURE I fit the gym in, instead of blowing it off. 

That is all for now ... Good night all of Fawn's children! XOXO

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